The Delphinium

I am currently knitting and crocheting all kinds of flowers and little creatures for a local project.  This is my crocheted Delphinium. There isn’t a pattern to follow as I simply made it up as I went along. I have stood it against a little table that I made a very long time ago. Underneath the glass you can just about see a picture of daffodils.  I printed Wordworth’s beautiful poem and added the picture to it. In the litte vase are some paper daffodils that I made ages ago. On the flower stalk is a little knitted mouse.  I have made fifteen more mice since I started crocheting the flower on Wednesday

Through the window

This is what I am looking at right now.  I have just taken this photo through the conservatory window.  If you look into the picture you will see my beautiful fragrant ‘Leaping Salmon rose climbing all over the pergola.. Under the pergola is the log store and this will be hidden from view in a few weeks when the sweet peas cover the frame.  The pond looks amazing now and the flowers around it are really bursting out into bloom. We eat tea most evenings outdoors since we moved the table.  It used to be under the pergola and we rarely ate down there.   The stained glass rainbow on the windowsill is a piece I made a very long time ago when Tony and I were taking stained glass classes.  It is a hobby that we return to now and then

My lovely new patio

When we removed the pond we had planned to lay a stone paved patio pretty much straight away. Then we were told that we would need to wait a long time for the soil to settle where the pond had been removed from. We we really disappointed as this meant that our plans for the garden would be put on hold until the patio could be layed. I was sitting in the conservatory with a cup of tea and had a brain wave….Why not make a gravel patio. That way we could just rake the gravel around as the soil un derneath settles. I had a good browse through some pictures of gravel patios on Pinterest and saw some really lovely ones. Tony and I have worked really hard these past few days but I am thrilled with the end result. Today I plan to give the table a throughly good scrub as it has been under a cover for months. As soon as it has dried I will give it several coats of teak oil and that will bring out the colour of the wood.

My comfy spot (my conservatory)

This is where I like to sit to do my beadwork.  The light floods in and I can sit and watch the birds in the garden. The windowsill is piled with boxes of beads and findings at the moment as I am in bead mood.  In front of the window is a pine coffee table that I made many years ago at a woodworking class.  It has a matching smaller table opposite but out of shot. I love the picnic basket that is on top of the table.  We have great plans for picnics this summer. If you google  ‘Whitby’’ you can imagine Tony and I sitting up near the Whalebones enjoying a picnic lunch.  We will catch the train just around the corner from where we live and the journey takes about an hour.  It passes through some of the prettiest scenery you could imagine.

View from my kitchen window

I thought you might like to see what I look at every day through my kitchen window.  I took this photo this morning and just look at all the hailstones that fell today. What you probably can’t see is the mini river flowing down the street as the rain and hail lashed down. I do somtimes wonder if we would be flooded if ever things got very wet here

Just for fun

Many years ago I had the fabulous job title ‘Fairydell Project Officer’. My job entailed encouraging the use of a lovely woodland park called Fairydell. I used to organise all manner of outdoor activities and each time we had an outdoor event I made a piece of fun jewellery just to engage the kids a bit more. When we hunted for mini beasts I had made a set with ivy leaves and caterpillars.  I made earrings, bracelet and necklace to match.  When we did pond dipping I made a huge frog and tadpoles to wear. I commissioned a lady to make me some lampwork glass bead ‘frogspawn’.  When we did a wildflower walk I made floral jewellery and when we had a veg growing competition I made a set of vegetable jewelley.  I made loads more different themed things to wear and I am sure people came along just to see what my jewellery was going to be for the event.  I loved that job but sadly funding ran out after three years. 

The new garden pond

Tony and I have spent most of this past week digging the hole and installing the new pond. We have spent a small fortune in the garden centre for pond plants and garden plants but come the summer when it looks pretty we will know that every penny was well spent.. We will move the fish over from our old pond next weekend and then we can start pulling that pond out to create our new patio. We have two lovely chimeneas to put on the patio and they will keep us toastie warm on the chilly evenings if we want to sit outdoors. The little garden around the pond does all look a little bare and new but give it time and the garden will be a mass of colour all summer long.

My little veggie plot

Tony and I are in the middle of a huge garden refurb and today we created my new veg plot. I have been reading about square foot gardening (google it) and though my veg plot isn‘t quite following those principles I am using it as a guideline. The raised bed measures 8ft by 4ft and is plenty big enough for our little plot. The pond will be moved onto what was the original site of my veg plot and the hole it leaves behind will be filed in and a patio will be constructed. In the border at the far end of the garden you can see my fruit bushes which are growing in some cabling conduit. I have rhubarb, blackcurrants, blueberries and raspberries. I moved the grapevine to the front of the house and if I haven‘t killed it off it might thrive in the warmer sunnier spot