Making a Big Statement in a Small Apartment

Space limitations should never impede the creative vision. Believe it or not, the small size can even work to your advantage, something that ignites your imagination, and compels you to explore visual directions you would otherwise not even consider. There is certainly a way to make even the most eye-catching solutions work in your small haven. It can pack a big visual punch and impress the visitors with design and décor magic. 

Steps, leaps, and bounds

People often shy away from pieces that are strong statement-makers. However, you should trust your instinct and follow the guiding principles of interior design. Rule number one, though, is to put together a space that reflects your taste and speaks of your personality. But, it should not be over the top either. Strive to design a space that is cozy, not overwhelming and cramped.

So, bear in mind that if everything is special then nothing is truly special. That is to say, you should not go overboard, and make statement pieces an exception rather than a rule. Take a step back and see the forest beyond the trees. Decide what parts of your home will stand out. Grasp the big picture, but do not lose sight of details. Even tiny tweaks can make a big difference.

Into the mix

Some pieces like mirrors and nightstands are secondary, supportive elements. Others, like sofas, are focal points that should occupy the main part of the room. Stunning mirrors are a must-have feature in small apartments as they create an incredible illusion of larger space. Custom-made nightstands work miracles next to a large bed, which can also be flanked with two table lamps. A bookshelf can not only spark interest, but also act as a room separator.

Do not hesitate to mix and juxtapose things. Forget about matching everything up. This principle does not play well in small spaces that crave for visual impact. Seemingly opposite pieces create more drama and add life to your small abode. The killer combination of organic and geometric or contemporary and antique gives you a ton of distinctive character. For example, a DIY geometric statement wall brings visual bliss to a room full of wooden furniture.

Forces of style

One visual force you want to harness is the pattern. Statement pieces that have patterns can be combined with accents of a different patterns, but there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, you should avoid mixing patterns that involve the same scale, as they may appear garish. Instead, go for patterns of different scale to strike a balance. Make sure to place eye-catching pillows and curtains, as well as stylish rugs. These elements also inject the much-needed warmth and make your space more inviting.

You may have heard that the light color palette visually expands the small space, but that is just false. The benefit of such a simple backdrop is that it allows you to go wild and whimsical with décor and statement pieces. So, when it comes to the color choice, you have a freedom to get creative. Then again, it might be a good idea to stick with colors that are a complementary. That way, you will be able to achieve a spellbinding visual harmony. Accent colors can deviate from this principle, scattering small splashes of bright tones across your interior.

Think big

When space radiates with a swell style, size does not really matter. At the end of the day, your home revolves around your personal style, so play with colors, patterns, shapes, and textures. Do not get stuck on a strict plan. Refrain from using many of these when one would do the trick. Go bold with statement pieces and keep other things simple, muted, less ornate. Infuse excitement to every little corner of your small space and pull off a sublime wow effect.

Symphony of Colors and the Scandinavian Art of Simplicity

Scandinavian style has entered the design limelight and shows no intention of leaving it in the foreseeable future. Indeed, the minimalist design school has won many accolades and acclaim of the homeowners across the globe. It prioritizes functionality and affordability over lavishness and luxury.

The colors typical of this style certainly account for much of its popularity. They are the epitome of its core concepts and ideas, an area where it reveals its true nature. In any regard, this design has quickly entered the mainstream and the question that remains is how to make it a reality in your home.

Simply the best

Scandinavian style features a distinct look one can stumble upon in numerous blogs and magazines. What strikes you first is how unpretentious it is. It enchants with an allure of understated elegance, clean lines, graceful forms, and peaceful colors.

Scandinavian style features innovative and functional design, one that is embodied in a bright, practical, and spellbinding interior. It overlaps with the mid-century modern school, yet its color palette and lighting solutions differ from it.

So, the holy trinity of Scandinavian design essence is composed of functionality, simplicity, and practicality. It is embodied in a space that is remarkably clean and streamlined. This kind of ambiance enables uninterrupted flow and easy, effortless living.

United colors of the north

Calm, pale, neutral, and muted tones dominate the Scandinavian color palette and give off a tranquil and serene sensation. That is why we often come across cool grey, pale blue, cream, and white in Scandinavian interiors.

There are some designers who prefer making bold statements with brighter colors, but they are an exception rather than a rule. In other words, occasional pops of color are fine as long as they serve as accents and do not disrupt the visual order of things.

Tones set the soothing stage for other design and architectural elements to shine. They enable you to put together a space that is open, airy, and inviting. The advantage of lighter tones is that they make the interior seem bigger and allow lighting to work its magic.

Scandinavians also possess a deep-rooted love for nature, and this shows in terms of the natural hues they adore. The prevalence of earthy and pastel tones is not restricted to the walls, it spills over to the rest of the interior. Namely, it is not uncommon to see northern hideaways with white wood, furnishings, and architectural elements from floor to ceiling.

New design heights

The way to take this spectacle to the next, shimmering level is with the appropriate use of lighting. Large windows let the real flood of sunlight inside, while artificial fittings complement the beautiful backdrop and décor. Remember, lighter colors are just what you need to maximize brightness in the rooms.

Even with these simple steps, assembling a Scandinavian abode is no cakewalk. In case you hit the wall, feel free to hire professionals. They can help you with decorating and translate your dreams and visions into reality. The investment is more than worth it: You will learn that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

Just bear in mind that Scandinavian style is just as much about lifestyle as it is about decor. With its “high on function, low on fuss” philosophy, it encourages you to be organized and disciplined and to pay attention to detail. Ultimately, this spells doom for clutter, mess, and chaos in your life.

Visual bliss

Scandinavian designers have left a global mark and the world of modern design will never be the same. In this awe-inspiring realm, simplicity reigns supreme. The color scheme has become its ultimate trademark, so make sure you get this aspect right. Unleash your inner designer, capture the pristine spirit of simplicity, and witness the captivating design greatness.

Central Air Conditioning Repair

Why Summers Ask For Frequent Central Air Conditioning Repair in Brooklyn

This is not an unknown fact that summer is the time when your air conditioning unit has to face the worst times of their life. There is just no respite and your central air conditioning unit needs to work on full blast round the clock. That is why a central air conditioning repair in Brooklyn is always on the cards during this season. What you can do is keep the number handy of a professional company that can provide you with a repair and maintenance service on time. But, what are the reasons that the central air conditioning unit or other ac models ask for timely repair and particularly during this season? Here is why: 

There is a refrigerant link: Refrigerant is one of the crucial components of your air conditioning unit. In the summer months when the ac unit is worked too much, the cooling refrigerant circulates under a lot of pressure. The coolant is sent to the outdoor compressor from where it is rerouted back to the central unit. A refrigerant leak often becomes a hazard if not taken care of at the right time. The air that emits out of the register ducts is also not cool. You will not be able to fix this problem which is why you need to call in a professional who can handle central air conditioning repair in Manhattan. 

The coils are all frozen- Air conditioning owners need to live with this problem and when it needs to handling it, you will need some professional to take care of it. Often dirty filters and blocked ducts cools the evaporator coils when the unit runs. The refrigerant gets sludgy making the coils getting covered with thick layers of ice or frost. When this happens, the coils do not conduct the heat away from the air flow resulting in warm air blowing right out from the registers. Blocked refrigerant lines needs to be cleaned by a professional knowing how to handle central air conditioning repair in Brooklyn

Trouble From The Thermostat- If the thermostat is set at the right temperature, there should not be any issue. But if the unit keeps on cycling on and off despite that, then you should be worried. Most of the times when the technicians check it, they will come across either a wiring problem or a faulty thermostat part. The motors and fans might get damaged too and in the worst case scenario, you will have to get the entire unit replaced. 

Motor Capacitors Do Not Give The Necessary Output- Overheating tires the capacitors out when the ac unit has to work round the clock. If they blow out, then the motors that runs the compressors and fans stops working. Circulation of air around the room is hindered often leading to an electrical overload causing the capacitors to blow as the breaker panel fails to trip. 
The solution to handling any air conditioning issue is to not let it linger. The faster you get a technician in to do the job, the better. Or else, you not only end up in an uncomfortable situation, but also have to shell a lot of money out on expensive repairs.

Lining the back of bookshelves

I have owned these six bookshelves since 2004.  I finally decided to line the back of these shelves with four nice wrapping paper rolls from TJ Maxx.  The lining was not hard, but the removing the books and putting them back were laborious for me because I neither have strong arms nor hands.  I like my lining muted, hence these paper patterns/prints.  I have 16 more bookshelves, but I am not lining those.  This activity was spring lining for me instead of spring cleaning.  The paper rolls were around $15.

The Courtyard

Life was happening when the weather was warm,and I never took the time to post some pics of my fav place….just outside our door is our Courtyard..we live in a one story townhouse….connected to others..but our entrance is thru this wonderful,space,this was our second spring and summer here,so I’m going to find even more ways to make it inviting.But sitting here with coffee in the morning or wine at night,is,a little heaven on earth…..hope you enjoy,as I try to bring a little England to my surroundings!

Welcome to the New Year

Happy New Year!

It’s been awhile since I posted.A lot,of life has happened,but a new year is a perfect time to renew my love of hearth and home.

I love color and need it in our home to keep hubbys depression at bay,he is also disabled,and over all of the many years,I find it to be cheerful and helpful,as life can be very challenging. I love the English Country look..not sure if I’m achieving but I like to try.

Blessings to all,of you..God Bless.


Budget Friendly Farmhouse Kitchen

Welcome to my Farmhouse Kitchen!


BELOW is my Inspiration Photo! Our kitchen makeover started when we went to the Stone Shop to pick out a remnant for our new Laundry Room cabinet. We had renovated our Laundry room earlier this past summer and chose all new white cabinets. We found this gray leather textured granite remnant. We liked it so much that we decided to replace the laminate counter top in our kitchen. We decided not to replace our oak cabinets for now, but wanted to take down the blue tile backsplash. We had looked at several tile samples to replace the blue tile that would have coordinated beautifully with the oak cabinets. Then, we decided that is was too expensive and not in our budget right now, being that we had not planned on doing a kitchen makeover so soon. We went with shiplap for the backsplash instead. I always loved the idea of shiplap. It took some convincing, but my husband liked the inspiration photos I found online of beautiful kitchens with shiplap. 

So thats what us Do-It Yourselfers did! Shiplap! I even googled how to build a farmhouse window frame and I think my husband got it right! Yay! We had taken out our 3 tier shelf that was attached to the corner cabinet you see in the photo below on the left. This would make room for the new window frame.

BELOW: New farmhouse faucet! We didn’t plan to replace our faucet when we purchased the granite. When the stone company came out to measure our countertop, we told them our faucet was only a couple of years old, so they measured 4 holes to accommodate what we already had. (You can see the old faucet in the 1st BEFORE photo above.) After the new countertop and new under mount sink were installed, we had put the original faucets back in, only to find that there was a leak coming from the hot & cold fixture that could not be repaired. I really wasn’t planning to buy new fixtures. Fortunately, we were able to special order these beautiful farmhouse fixtures that would accommodate 4 precut holes! A little pricy for our budget, so much so that after my husband and I left the shop from ordering them, I started to cry. But my husband reassured me that it was okay and these would probably last forever! 🙂

I love our rustic Kitchen Island! I actually had purchased this last winter, a few months after our floors were installed. I think this was my first inspirational piece that would eventually lead us to this!

I have some thoughts for more changes:

1. Keep the oak cabinets and eventually Sand & Refinish them. Then replace the chrome hardware with black rustic hardware.

2. Paint lower cabinets medium gray, with lighter gray cabinets above.

3. Paint top & bottom cabinets white.

What do you think?

Thank you for taking the time to stop by during this busy Holiday Season.:)

Wishing you all very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Fall’in for Farmhouse Part 2

Hi Ladies! I hope everyone is enjoying the Fall Season! I had mentioned in my last post that I have incorporated some new furniture pieces & wall decor in my Living Room. You might notice some of the changes if you have followed my postings of this room in the past. I seem to have leaned towards a little bit of a Farmhouse look to go with what I already have in this room. What do you think of it? Does it work??

I wouldn’t usually think of buying a floral pillow for Fall, but I was drawn in by the orange embroidered flowers & burnt orange trim. I think it kind of works. What do you think?

I am really happy with my living room space now, all except for this area rug that I bought after the Holidays last Winter. When I had the new flooring put in my bedroom, I had moved the 2 area rugs that were previously in this room, up into that room They were lighter in color and seemed fit in better with the color scheme. With this rug, I feel that the large pattern & color is too bold for the look I want to achieve in this room now. And it has been very difficult to find throw pillows to coordinate with, So I am on the hunt for a more neutral color rug for in front of my dark love seat. 

I do want to mention that I don’t mind this pattern for the runner as you enter my home, as you can see in the 2 photos below. So, that will be staying. 🙂

I actually made this “Thankful” banner below, last Fall & didn’t even get the chance to post it! So My message from this banner is that I am “Thankful” for my Family & “Thankful” for my humble little Home . . . 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🙂

Library/Dining Area

          I have more use for a library room/area than a dining room, but I can use the space as a dining room when necessary.  I finally bought one more tall bookshelf to stack and line three each against the walls.  I don’t believe in styling bookcases because it is really a waste of shelving space.  Bookcases are for shelving books.  There are white curtains hanging from the bookcases to prevent dust by covering up the bookcases when I am not home during the summer.  On top of the bookshelves I store my vases and other decor items, but they also look good as decor.  I put up two long rose-print curtains for the autumn season.  Behind the thrift-store bought table is the daybed.  From this library area, I can watch TV in the living room and also have a view of the kitchen.  My house has open floor plan.  All in all this space is my favorite area in the house presently. 

How To Create A Beautiful Autumnal Mantel Display on

Autumnal Mantel Display

   To those who are observant, the inspiration for beautiful displays is all around us.  My husband Dave and I took a trip through Southern Indiana a couple of weeks ago.  This display was inspired by a display I saw at a restaurant.

   Sorry, the picture is grainy.  I took it from across a big room with the cell phone.  You get the idea, though.  

   It was so colorful, I couldn’t quit looking at it.

   On the way home from our trip, I started trying to remember what gourds and sunflowers were stashed away in bins in the basement.   Fortunately, I had most of the items needed for this project.  Only a bouquet of sunflowers, some interesting curly things, and a few small gourds were needed.

   Putting the display together, I realized something was needed to raise the height of the individual sunflowers.  A piece of styrofoam or floral foam small enough to be hidden would not support the stem.  
   After brainstorming for a few minutes, I found a new use for wine corks!  Gluing a few of these together and using the corks as a ‘floral frog’, worked perfectly!

   It’s funny, my eye is drawn to that colorful display on my mantel now and I smile.  The person who created the display at that restaurant has no idea he or she inspired this lovely Autumnal display!

Fall’in for Farmhouse Part 1

Welcome! I am finally ready for Fall! We recently had some long over due painting done in our Kitchen & Family Room! What a big difference! Fresh white painted ceilings & trim! And lighter painted walls with a paint color called Grayish. So I thought I would start my Fall decorating with this Table Scape by adding some Farmhouse details including 2 New wicker chairs for either end of my table. 🙂

I wanted to mention that this weekend we will be doing some demolition on the opposite side of our kitchen. Yay! We will be making some small kitchen renovations including taking down our blue tile back splash. Please follow along to see what material we have decided to use for a backsplash to replace the tile. We will also be replacing our laminate counter top with granite! I am so excited! 

Lets keep in touch . . . I will be posting my Living Room soon, that is now ready for Fall. I added a couple of new furniture pieces and a few new decorating pieces to start giving this space a fresher, more updated look. 

Thank you for stopping by! 🙂